Quality Service

Congratulations - you have found Las Vegas premier location for laser hair removal. Since our inception, Las Vegas Laser Center has been a leader in laser hair removal by staying ahead of the curve with the latest technology and by setting the pace with emerging techniques designed to achieve the best results. Unlike other laser hair removal centers, we only use the latest FDA-approved technology and we only employ licensed technicians.

Las Vegas Laser Center recognizes that unwanted body hair is a major concern for both men and women. Our mission has always been to develop and maintain the best possible techniques for laser hair removal by combining state-of-the-art laser technology with the science of skincare.


Laser hair removal is extremely safe and has been refined significantly over the years to a high standard of quality. Most people who undergo treatment experience no discomfort from the laser and are able to resume their daily activities immediately following the procedure.


Laser hair removal is a nonsurgical, non-invasive way for removing unwanted hair regardless of where or how large the area is. Using a laser to remove hair lasts a long time and in some cases, can be permanent, allowing you to enjoy the results for life.

Pain Free

Lasers send concentrated beams of light directly through the skin, where they are absorbed by the melanin (dark) pigment present in the hair follicle shafts. The heat destroys the follicles, rendering them unable to grow hair. And Unlike tape and plucking, laser hair removal treatments are not painful.