shaving leg

Pre-Treatment :

The treatment area needs to be shaved. You must avoid waxing, threading or plucking.

Prior to treatment, make sure area is cleaned, leaving no residue of makeup, lotion, or topical anesthetic. Stop any oral medications that are photosensitive such as antibiotics, Accutane, etc.

Avoid sun exposure so we can treat the area on the strongest setting for your skin to achieve the best result. 


For your safety and the effectiveness of the Laser Hair Removal procedure, our skin specialists may ask some medical questions before your procedure.

For your safety and comfort, all our laser hair removal equipment is medical grade.

Laser Hair Removal equipment contains cooling systems to ease the mild pinching of the laser; you may feel a slight cooling sensation.


It is normal for the hair to continue to grow until all sessions are completed; however, you will notice that significantly less hair will grow back after each laser treatment.

Your skin will return to its natural color shortly after laser treatment. Very rarely, some pink or redness may linger for a day or two.

Do not wax between laser sessions; only shave if necessary.